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A. McLeod General Contracting
Address: 2192 Prospect Street, Burlington, ON, L7R 1Z7
Contact: Al McLeod
Phone: 905-802-7900 Fax:
Email: amcleod@amgc.ca   Website: www.amgc.ca

A. McLeod General Contracting provides complete construction services for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) clients. Skilled project management is the hallmark of AMGC. We focus on completing the job on time and on budget.

A.D.S. Contracting
Address: 31 Bigwin Drive, Unit 5, Hamilton, ON, L8W 3R3
Contact: Ang Agostino
Phone: 905-297-8218 Fax:
Email: info@adscontracting.com   Website: www.adscontracting.com

A.P.C.I. Communications Inc.
Address: 5100 South Service Road, Unit 12 & 13, Burlington, ON, L7L 6A5
Contact: Karin Bergen
Phone: 905-336-8800 Fax: 905-336-8826
Email: karinbergen@apci.on.ca   Website: www.apci.on.ca

AATEL Communications Inc.
Address: 413 Victoria Avenue North, Hamilton, ON, L8L 8G4
Contact: Marketing Department
Phone: 905-523-5451 Fax: 905-523-4209
Email: info@aatel.com   Website: www.aatel.com

Absolute Blast Co.
Address: Box 333, Mount Hope, ON, L0R 1W0
Contact: Walter Raybould
Phone: 905-971-7863 Fax:
Email: absoluteblastco@gmail.com   Website: www.absoluteblast.ca

Acumen Insurance Group
Address: 835 Paramount Drive, Suite 301, Stoney Creek, ON, L8J 0B4
Contact: Tracy
Phone: 905-574-7000 Fax: 905-574-8860
Email: tracyd@acumeninsurance.com   Website: www.acumeninsurance.com

Acumen Insurance Group has a team of brokers in the Hamilton and Mississaug

Adept Air Inc
Address: , Hamilton, Ontario,
Contact: Josh Plantinga
Phone: Fax:
Email:   Website: https://adept-air.com/

Innovative HVAC System Solutions

Aecon Mining Construction Services, a Division of Aecon Construction Group Inc.
Address: 451 Elgin Street, P.O. Box 875, Brantford, ON, N3T 5R7
Contact: Tim Austin
Phone: 519-751-8000 Fax: 519-751-8018
Email: taustin@aecon.com   Website: www.aecon.com

AGF Access
Address: 1291, Oakville, ON, L6L 2X5
Contact: Dave McCoy
Phone: 226-377-3029 Fax:
Email: dave.mccoy@agfaccess.com   Website: www.agfgroup.com

Agro Zaffiro LLP
Address: 1 James Street South, 4th Floor, Hamilton, ON, L8P 4R5
Contact: Bevan Shores
Phone: 905-527-6877 Fax: 905-527-6169
Email: bshores@agrozaffiro.com   Website: www.agrozaffiro.com

Airon HVAC and Control Ltd.
Address: 5150 Fairview Street, Burlington, ON, L7L 6B7
Contact: Rick Gorka
Phone: 905-331-6555 Fax: 905-331-6562
Email: jend@airongroup.ca   Website: www.airongroup.ca

Alberici Constructors, Ltd.
Address: 1005 Skyview Drive, Suite 300, Burlington, ON, L7P 5B1
Contact: Robert Love
Phone: 905-315-3000 Fax: 905-315-3001
Email: rlove@alberici.com   Website: www.alberici.com

Alcor Elevator Ltd.
Address: F-72 Ditton Drive, Hamilton, Ontario, L8W 0A9
Contact: Paul Pettener
Phone: 905-538-0171 Fax: 866-460-6923
Email: paul@alcorelevator.com   Website: www.alcorelevator.com

Aldershot Landscape Contractors LP
Address: 166 Flatt Road, Burlington, ON, L7P 0T3
Contact: Renato Campagnolo
Phone: 905-689-7321 Fax: 905-689-3433
Email: rcampagnolo@aldershotlandscape.com   Website: www.aldershotlandscape.com

Algoma Contractors Inc.
Address: 4914 Union Road, Beamsville, ON, L0R 1B4
Contact: Gene Fortino
Phone: 905-563-3882 Fax: 905-563-1831
Email: gene@algomacodings.com   Website: www.algomacontractors.com

All Around Contracting Inc.
Address: 175 Swayze Road, Hannon, ON, L0R 1P0
Contact: Joe Iatomasi
Phone: 905-692-4588 Fax: 905-692-6449
Email: info@allaround.ca   Website: www.allaround.ca

All-Pro Door & Hardware Ltd.
Address: 10 Brockley Drive, Hamilton, ON, L8E 3P1
Contact: David Bosma
Phone: 950-561-4646 Fax: 905-561-0996
Email: dave@all-pro.ca   Website: www.all-pro.ca

Altra Construction Rentals Inc.
Address: 30 Tops Drive, Grimsby, ON, L3M 4E8
Contact: Adam Komarniski
Phone: 905-659-2577 Fax: 905-659-1917
Email: office@altrarentals.com   Website: www.altrarentals.com

AlumaSafway Inc.
Address: 51 Folsetter Drive, Paris, ON, N3L 0E2
Contact: Thomas O'Reilly
Phone: 905-560-4342 Fax: 905-560-2570
Email: TOReilly@alumasafway.com   Website: www.safway.com

AM Roofing Systems Inc.
Address: 260 Burlington Street East, Hamilton, ON, L8L 4H4
Contact: Mike Fleming
Phone: 905-529-5111 Fax: 905-522-5911
Email: mike@amroofingsystems.com   Website: www.amroofingsystems.ca

Amherst Crane Rental / Concrete Pumping
Address: 105 Nantucket Blvd., Toronto, ON, M1P 2N5
Contact: Mark Welstead / Kevin Sprayson
Phone: 416-752-2431 Fax: 416-751-3293
Email: info@amherstgroup.ca   Website: www.amherstgroup.ca

Amico Design Build Inc.
Address: 2199 Blackacre Drive, Oldcastle, Ontario, N0R 1L0
Phone: 519-737-1577 Fax:
Email:   Website: www.amicoaffiliates.com

General Contractor

Address: 5500 North Service Road, Suite 402, Burlington, ON, L7L 6W6
Contact: Nikki Laskin
Phone: 289-313-2630 Fax: 289-313-2601
Email: nikki.laskin@aon.ca   Website: www.aon.ca

Apollo Concrete Contracting
Address: 183 Grace Avenue, Hamilton, ON, L8H 3X1
Contact: David Milan
Phone: 905-548-0576 Fax: 905-548-9622
Email: david@apolloconcrete.net   Website:

Arrowhead Paving Inc.
Address: 495 Arvin Avenue, Stoney Creek, ON, L8E 2N1
Contact: Ted Tuttle
Phone: 905-662-9155 Fax: 905-662-9156
Email: info@arrowheadpaving.ca   Website: www.arrowheadpaving.ca

Associated Paving & Materials Ltd.
Address: 5365 Munro Court, Burlington, ON, L7L 5M7
Contact: Stanley Capobianco
Phone: 905-637-1966 Fax: 905-637-1404
Email: stanley@associatedpaving.com   Website: www.associatedpaving.com

Atlantic Roofers Ontario Ltd.
Address: 151 Brockley Drive, Hamilton, ON, L8E 3C4
Contact: Tony Pocobene
Phone: 905-573-6202 Fax: 905-573-1138
Email: info@atlanticroofers.ca   Website: www.atlanticroofers.ca

Aura Services Ltd.
Address: 999 Upper Wentworth Street, P.O. Box 73025 – Limeridge Mall, Hamilton, ON, L9A 5H7
Contact: Marek Krolikowski
Phone: 905-481-2490 Fax: 866-668-5645
Email: aurasservice@sympatico.ca   Website:

Avenue Road Roofing
Address: 45 Wingold Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6B 1P8
Contact: Aron Standish
Phone: 416-785-5129 Fax: 416-785-6485
Email: hr@avenueroadroofing.com   Website: www.avenueroadroofing.com

Avish Enterprises Inc.
Address: 75 Moringside Dr., Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 0M1
Contact: Vishal Patel
Phone: 289-642-5727 Fax:
Email: info@avishconstructions.com   Website: www.avishconstructions.com