Canadian Construction Association (CCA)

The Canadian Construction Association gives voice to the public policy, legal and standards development goals of contractors, suppliers and allied business professionals working in or with Canada's heavy civil and ICI construction industry. 


As a CCA member, the HHCA receives:

  • lobbying at the Federal level

  • information on Federal legislation that impacts our members

  • CCDC Standard Documents and Guides, policy statements and industry practices

  • industry education and participation in the decision making process that sets industry standard practices

Council of Ontario Construction Associations (COCA)

COCA is a federation of construction associations mandated to bring the concerns of the ICI and heavy civil construction industry to the attention of Queen's Park.  COCA is committed to working with the government to ensure that Ontario's legislative landscape is one in which our industry can grown and prosper. 


As a COCA member, the HHCA receives:

  • a seat on the COCA Board of Directors

  • the opportunity to participate in committees 

  • advice and support on industry issues

  • opportunities to lobby the provincial government

  • opportunities to develop relationships with other industry associations across the province