Virtual Stat Decks - MEMBERS ONLY

For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, the HHCA is able to offer our members Statutory Declarations / Commissioner of Oath Service through video conferencing.

This is possible due to a recent recommendation by a Law Society of Ontario resource on virtual commissioning. We advise members to review the Law Society's website as they do state there are risks potentially with video conferencing but we are comfortable with proceeding to offer the service. THIS SERVICE IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY.

The process:

Email Sue at first to set up a time to video conference and agree to a platform (ie. Zoom, WhatsAp etc.)

I will be asking for identification in order to verify the deponent's identity. Have your picture identification ready please

Once confirmed you will position the camera to allow me to witness you signing the document (please use a blue ink pen)

Display signed document to the camera for confirmation

Scan and email the document to me - if you don't have access to a scanner/copier there are mobile apps available to download onto your phone

Once received and verified I will sign, stamp and email the document back