Companies join the HHCA for a variety of reasons. Some join to gain access to the Plans Room, while others join to be involved in the Safety Group Program and firms join to gain exposure and network with fellow companies in Construction. What's your reason? Do you have any questions about joining our Association? Contact Alana at the HHCA!

The HHCA works hard to meet all of our members needs and we offer companies three different membership types to best meet their needs.

Member to Member Recruitment -The HHCA is challenging YOU to recruit a member! What's in it for you? $100 to spend on any HHCA Event or Service! Click here for more information or contact Alana.

6-Month Membership - Promotional Offer: From June 2, 2014 to August 29, 2014 companies who join the HHCA only have to commit to a 6-month membership at half price to see if a membership with the HHCA is right for them!

Introductory Membership - Designed for First-Time Members

Associate / Professional Membership - Designed for Architects & Engineers

Contractor / Manufacturer / Supply & Services - Designed for Returning Members