Hall Of Fame

The Hamilton-Halton Construction Association initiated the Construction Hall of Fame to recognize excellence of service to building, to the construction community, to its associations, and to the community. Recognized construction industry persons who have participated in the geographic scope of HHCA are eligible.

The Construction Hall of Fame recognition may be awarded to persons demonstrating the following minimum characteristics:

  • Recognized leadership in the non-residential construction industry.
  • An advocate of fair business practices and particularly construction industry standards.
  • A contributor for the betterment of the construction industry, fellow contractors, clients and/or a significant contributor to the community at large.Hall Of Fame
  • A person who demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • A high degree of employee relations, labour relations and safety in the workplace.
  • Someone who would easily fit the description of a "builder" of the construction industry, associations, community and its organizations, and of the physical structures of the community.

Each Construction Hall of Fame inductee is awarded a spectacular presentation piece by renowned artist, Shirley Elford. The award is a tangible reminder of our deep respect for their wonderful contribution to the construction community. The triangular art of this gift represents the principles of strength found in the construction industry, in each inductee's character, and in their contribution of building our community.

It is constructed of glass, steel and concrete. These are earth based and the most prevalent construction materials. The award is symbolic of creating beautiful and lasting buildings from raw materials with a labour of love. The base is concrete, the foundation of a solid presentation, supporting steel, which in turn supports glass through which illuminates reflected light.

Although the design of each piece is the same, the nature of the materials and their handmade quality means no two are exactly alike. So, too, is the nature of our inductees, their contribution and style varied, and they all were builders.

masters-newhorizontal-100397jpgLongtime member of the HHCA, Masters Insurance, have been supporting the Construction Hall of Fame since it's inception. The continued support of Masters Insurance to the Construction Hall of Fame has helped our Association evolve the program and continue to offer this prestigious award!